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Ironing shoe for old torn iron.

Nowadays, most of the iron soleplates are coated with a very thin 'ptfe' compound to enable non-sticky, scorching on fabric being ironed.
After a certain period of using, this thin coating of plastic compound will be worn.
Sticky, scorching & burning on fabric will be happened especially on high grade of fabrics, like silk, nylon & man-made fiber. . Etc.
Instead of buying new iron (environment friendly) , we can put on this iron shoe (also made of 'ptfe') to achieve: The same function of coating, even better result on ironing & prolong the usage period to years in home using (also suitable for industrial use) .
Function of iron shoe:
Can fit on all standard iron.
Provide more even heat & steam distribution.
No sticks, starch & fusible wipe off.
No burns or scorches on all kind of fabrics.
Can be iron over puff paint, glitter, motifs.
No shine on fabric surface.
Durable due to the thickness of 'ptfe' material (could be used for years if handle carefully not ironing on sharp corners on buttons